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Our flagship daily broadcast, Believer’s Voice of Victory, reaches more than 885 million viewers each day and features Kenneth and Gloria Copeland with their guests, who teach foundational principles for faith and whole-life prosperity.

Check the TV Listings below for the latest stations and times for the daily broadcast:

Monday to Friday*

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God TV

Tuesday to Saturday*

08.30 & 19.00

09.30 & 20.00

Daystar Network

  • With today’s busy schedules, it may be difficult to find time to watch the Daily Believer’s Voice of Victory broadcast. These exciting programs are available for your viewing, 24 hours a day online here on the website, on Facebook and YouTube.
  • Visit our archives so that you can take advantage of these teachings by watching or listening when it’s convenient for you.

*Schedule subject to change, please confirm the schedule on the channel: God TV and Daystar.

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