Partnership FAQs

Here you will find some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding Partnership status.

Together, we will make a difference.

As we join together in partnership, we share each other’s anointings and giftings — and make a bigger impact on the world because of it.

By ourselves, we can do some good…but together, we will truly make a difference.  See brother Copeland expound the biblical position on partnership here.

We Are Partners - Come and Join Us

As an individual or a church – a Partner believes they are called by God and has made a quality decision to join with KCM to:

  • Faithfully support KCM financially as the Lord directs.
  • Utilize the resources to mature spiritually.
  • Reach out and teach others.
  • Stay in contact with KCM regularly.

There is no requirement on size of a gift, as the widow in Luke gave just 2 mites. As you prosper and see the results of your sowing into good ground you will reap the rewards. Seedtime and Harvest never fail!

No, partnership is a 2 way connection. It is the great connector that joins those who fund the work of the ministry with the work itself, and it is upheld by the two pillars of prayer and financial support.

  1. Financial Support: A Partner commits to sow into the work of the ministry.
    Not because I desire a gift: but I desire fruit that may abound to your account” (KJV)., Philippians 4:17.
  2. Mutual Prayer Support: A Partner commits to pray for the work of the ministry. Kenneth and Gloria pray for their Partners every day.

If you are not ready to start your Partnership or do not wish to continue with your commitment we are very happy to continue sending you the BVOV magazine on a 12 month subscription. You can start or activate your Partnership again in the future as we believe in Faith for you to prosper and receive the finances you need. Just put your faith out and ask for the seed, He is faithful.

Yes! I’d like to partner with KCM!