juillet 07

Work Harder!

Kenneth Copeland
Walk by faith, not by sight.

“We just need to get out of the way and let God work. After all, we can’t do anything anyway. He’s the One Who is in control.”

Have you ever heard anyone say things like that?

I’m sure you have. In fact, if you’re like most of us, you’ve said them yourself. At the time, they probably sounded very good. Very religious. Very humble.

But let me warn you, that kind of attitude can also be very dangerous. It can leave you sitting passively while the devil tears up everything around you. It can leave you in tears, begging God to fix a situation for you when He was saying all along, “Take care of it yourself! I’ll back you. I’ve given you My Name. I’ve given you My authority. I’ve given you My own faith. Now, use it!”

Right now, especially, we must be on guard against such spiritual passivity, because we are on the edge of a great outpouring of God’s Glory. It has already begun, and it will become much stronger. During times like these, even believers who know better can get lazy. They can look around them at the signs and wonders God is working and say, “I guess I don’t need faith anymore. It looks like God is taking care of everything Himself now.”

Don’t make that mistake. Even though God is moving mightily in end-time manifestations, He still expects His people to walk by faith (2 Corinthians 5:7) and live by faith (Hebrews 10:38).

Don’t get lazy just because the Glory is here. Work harder! Spend more time in the Word and develop your faith to a greater measure than ever before. Then, as Smith Wigglesworth once said, stretch your faith as far as it will go, knowing that the Holy Ghost has nine manifestations of His own to add to it if you need them.

Get yourself ready so that when someone falls to the floor under the healing gift of the Spirit, you’ll be there beside them with your Bible, helping them up and saying, “Now, friend, let me show you how to stay well.”

We’ve come to the last of the last days. God’s schedule demands that He pour out His Spirit in great manifestations of power now. You’ll see them everywhere. In churches all over the world, the cloud of God’s Glory will get so thick at times, the people won’t be able to see one another.

God’s manifest presence will fall as rain—on the just and the unjust. It will fall on those who have learned to walk by faith and those who haven’t. But that rain will remain, not on those who are sitting passively waiting on God to take control, but on those who have dared to believe and behave as joint heirs of Jesus. It will abide on the household of faith!

Speak the Word

« I am just, and I live by faith. » (Hebrews 10:38)

Lecture conseillée: Hebrews 10:32-39

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