septembre 12

What You Compromise to Keep, You Lose

Gloria Copeland
Set a watch, O Lord, before my mouth; keep the door of my lips.

Did you know that the devil can’t do anything to you if you won’t give him any place? That’s right. If you won’t speak words of doubt and unbelief, but instead speak words of faith, he can’t sustain his attack.

You see, if you’re born again, Satan doesn’t have any authority over you. Jesus Christ is your Lord. Satan can’t rob you unless you authorize that robbery yourself!

Satan comes to get your words! That’s the only way he can get a foothold. So refuse to speak words contrary to what you believe. Speak only faith—even under pressure. No matter what Satan is saying to you in your thoughts, no matter what the people around you are saying, keep agreeing with the Word of God. Keep saying what God says.

It will be tough sometimes, I know. But you can do it! When things look hopeless, don’t give up and start speaking defeat. Double up on your confession of faith.

Learn to immediately answer every doubt with God’s Word. Learn to answer every fear with God’s Word. Learn to do combat with the sword of the Spirit.

Refuse to allow Satan to intimidate you with threats. He can only do what you say. He has no authority over you unless you give it to him. If you won’t give him any place, he won’t be able to carry out even one of those threats. It’s when you become timid and fearful with the words of your mouth that Satan gains the upper hand.

Don’t ever allow fear to make you compromise your confession of faith. I learned this long ago: What you compromise to keep, you lose. Stand firm and keep talking faith and you’ll defeat any attack.

Speak the Word

The Lord sets a watch before my mouth. He keeps the door of my lips. (Psalm 141:3)

Lecture conseillée: Matthew 9:18-26

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