novembre 19

What Kind of Faith Do You Have?

Kenneth Copeland
Blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed.

Signs and wonders. Miraculous manifestations of the Spirit of God. If you haven’t witnessed them already in your own life and in the lives of believers around you, you soon will because they are happening everywhere…and they are on the increase.

I don’t mind telling you, I love it! I love to watch God work. I love to see miracles and feel the move of the Holy Ghost. It’s the most thrilling, wonderful kind of fun there is. It’s so much fun, in fact, that if we’re not alert—we can get so caught up in watching and feeling these great manifestations of God that we neglect the Word and allow our faith to slip.

“Whoa! Wait a minute now, Brother Copeland. How could my faith slip while I’m watching miracles and feeling spiritual goose bumps? Don’t those things increase my faith?”

Not according to the Bible. Romans 10:17 says faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. It doesn’t say anything about faith coming by what you see or feel.

Some people might argue with that. They might think that since they saw a miracle and believed it, faith had come to their heart. But what actually happens when you see something and then believe it is that faith comes to your head!

Head faith (or sense-knowledge faith) and heart faith (or the God kind of faith, Mark 11:22) operate in two entirely different realms. The God-kind of faith operates in the realm of the spirit. It takes hold of the Word of God in the unseen realm and brings that Word to pass in the natural world.

That is the kind of faith God used to bring this earth into existence. It’s a powerful force. And when it flows from the hearts and mouths of believers, real spiritual faith changes natural things.

Sense-knowledge faith, on the other hand, has no real power. It doesn’t change things. On the contrary, natural things change it! Everybody in the world has sense-knowledge faith. They believe certain things just because they can see them, or because they’ve experienced them. People believe, for example, that when they flip a light switch, the light will come on. They have faith in that process because they’ve seen it work time and again. But the light-switch kind of faith comes strictly from the mind. When you exercise it, your spirit is dormant. Believing only what you can see and feel does not activate your spirit.

So what kind of faith do you have? The God kind generates spiritual power and blessing. It’s believing before you can see or feel a natural manifestation. It’s the kind you want to have. It comes by hearing the Word of God and believing it. So get into the Word. And watch the right kind of faith come alive!

Speak the Word

I am blessed because I believe, whether I see or not. (John 20:29)

Lecture conseillée: John 4:43-54

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