janvier 11

The Household of Faith

Kenneth Copeland
As we have therefore opportunity, let us do good unto all men, especially unto them who are of the household of faith.

According to Galatians 6:10, if you are born again, you are a member of the household of faith.

“But, Brother Copeland, I just don’t think I have any faith.”

You have to! You couldn’t possibly be of the household of faith unless you had faith! And you can’t be born again and not have faith. Settle it right now in your mind and your heart that God has given you His faith. He hasn’t shortchanged you. He has put in you enough faith to blast through every mountain that gets in your way.

He expects you to use it, and He will develop it to the point where it can keep your body healed and your family prosperous and blessed. He expects you to use it to get your kinfolk saved and obtain every other promise given you in the Word of God.

If you haven’t had much success in those areas, it isn’t because you don’t have enough faith. It’s because what you have has never developed. You’ve been lying around on your sofa, eating spiritual junk food and watching videos all day. So when the devil kicked your door in and announced he was taking over your household by bringing sickness and calamity to it, you didn’t have enough strength to stop him.

But don’t let that discourage you. Come over to God’s gym with the rest of us and start working out. Start studying your Bible, listening to tapes, fellowshiping with the Lord and exercising your faith until you’re a spiritual Schwarzenegger.

Then, the next time the devil comes bursting through your door, you can stand up, flex those faith muscles and say, “Stop, thief! You’re not taking over this household. It belongs to me and don’t you touch one thing in it. I’ll cut you up one side and down the other with the Word of God. Now, get out and don’t let me see your ugly face on this block again!”

Now that’s what I call acting like who you are…a member of the household of faith!

Speak the Word

« My Heavenly Father provides me with the measure of faith and I am determined to build my faith by meditating on His Word. »  (Romans 12:3)

Lecture conseillée: Ephesians 2:4-10

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