octobre 16

No Time to Faint

Gloria Copeland
If thou faint in the day of adversity, thy strength is small.

This is the day of adversity! Whatever you are facing today, you can’t afford to be weak. You can’t afford to faint spiritually in the trials of life. If you do, you’ll be in trouble because, naturally speaking, things aren’t going to get better in this world, they’re going to get worse.

But don’t let that scare you. For 1 John 5:4 tells us that “whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world: and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith.”

Did you know you can become just as strong as you want to from the Word? The only one who can put limits on you is you. If you’ll give the Word more time, it will give you more strength.

That’s what wise believers do. They keep themselves strong by spending time in the Word every day. They stay strong and ready because they know this is an evil day we live in.

Wake yourself up to the Word by getting out your Bible and meditating on it every day. Get tapes and books of anointed men and women preaching the Word. Listen to them and read them again and again.

Keep that Word in your heart. Keep it going in your eyes and in your ears until it takes over the very thoughts that you think. Keep yourself strong and ready…and free to operate in the Spirit of God.

If you do, when adversity strikes, you’ll have supernatural strength to overcome and walk in the victory. Remember, this is no time to faint.

Speak the Word

I refuse to faint in the day of adversity for I am strong. (Proverbs 24:10)

Lecture conseillée: Isaiah 40:28-31

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