décembre 11

More Than a Holy Ghost Giggle

Kenneth Copeland
The joy of the Lord is your strength.

If you’ve been in many services where the Holy Spirit is moving in recent years, you’ve probably heard the laughter—lots of laughter. You’ve seen and, perhaps, experienced spontaneous outbreaks of joy that range from a few, quiet chuckles to uproarious laughter that literally leaves believers rolling in the aisles.

It’s wonderful. There’s no denying that. But what is it all about? The answer to that question is even more thrilling than the laughter itself.

Jesus is building up His Church. He is strengthening us out of the rich treasury of His Glory. He is arming us with the spiritual might we will need to march out of every bondage and crush the devil under our feet—once and for all.

For example: The word glory in the Old Testament literally means “to be heavy-laden with everything that is good,” and it relates directly to the presence of God’s Spirit. On the other hand, the word for grief is the exact opposite. It means “to be heavy-laden with everything that is bad.”

Grief is the satanic reciprocal of glory. So when the Glory of God comes on you, grief doesn’t stand a chance. It has to flee! When it does, the joy of the Lord that’s in you just starts bubbling out. There’s nothing to hold it back.

Of course, that’s a lot of fun. We all enjoy it. But actually, the Lord is not just out to give us a good time and a Holy Ghost giggle. He has a greater purpose. He wants us to be full of joy because it’s the force that will make us strong enough to carry out His plan in this final hour. It will give us the spiritual, mental and physical fortitude to rise up in the fullness of God’s Glory—fully healed, fully delivered, fully prosperous—so we can reap the final harvest and be gathered to Him in great triumph.

The Church will not slip out of this earth in defeat and disgrace. We will not leave here like some whipped pup. No, God will make us victorious. God will make you victorious. I don’t care what low-level devil is harassing you with an aggravating problem…that low-level devil doesn’t have the final say.

Laugh at the devil in the Name of Jesus. Laugh at the very idea that he thinks he could have victory over Jesus and His Body—over you as a member of His Body. Rise up and take your authority! The victory is yours but the battle is the Lord’s. He always wins!

Speak the Word

The joy of the Lord is my strength. (Nehemiah 8:10)

Lecture conseillée: Psalm 105:37-43

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