mars 17

Don't Look Back!

Kenneth Copeland
I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life.

“Oh God, please…give me more faith…make me a better Christian…take these cigarettes away from me! Oh God, help me walk in love!”

            How many times have you heard (or prayed) prayers like that? Plenty, I’d guess. Everyone, including me, has prayed that way at one time or another. But these prayers are very ineffective. You can pray them all day and all night and end up just as faithless, just as hooked on cigarettes, and just as unloving as you were when you started.

            You see, there’s a crucial element missing in prayers like that. An element that, if present, will hook you up to the supernatural, overcoming power of Almighty God—and, if absent, will leave you as helpless as can be.

            The element I’m talking about is what I call the Quality Decision.

            A quality decision is a rock solid decision—one from which there is no retreat and about which there is no argument. It’s a deliberate act of your will. What’s more, it’s the one thing God will not do for you. He has provided everything else. He’s even gone as far as to say, “I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life.” But the actual choosing, the decision, is up to you.

            If you don’t use this powerful decision-making ability according to the Word of God, you’ll end up bound to and dominated by the circumstances of this world.

            If you make a quality decision that you will walk by faith and live by the Word of God, that you will be delivered from cigarettes, that you will walk in love, then you will…because you’ve hooked up the power of God. You aren’t making a decision that you’ll have to carry out in your own human strength. God will back you up and enable you to be an overcomer. So whatever your battle is today, in whatever area you want victory, make a quality decision. And don’t look back!

Speak the Word 

God has set before me life and death, blessing and cursing. I choose life. I choose God’s blessings

Lecture conseillée: Joshua 24:14-18

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