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A Miracle Inside You

Kenneth Copeland
Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the Lord of hosts.

I remember the first time I went with the Oral Roberts crusade team to a healing meeting. I was a student and a member of his aircraft crew. I had been a believer a little over four years and knew so little about the things of God, especially meetings like these. However, I was part of the team and eager to learn.

I followed the team inside this huge auditorium. It was filled with sick people. The place smelled, it was so full of disease. Just walking in there sent chills of fear up my spine.

I turned around and headed for the side door as fast as I could, talking to God under my breath. « Listen, I don’t belong here, » I told Him. « I’m getting on a Greyhound bus and heading home right now. They can get that airplane home without me. »

Once I was outside the door, I started talking louder. Then suddenly, I froze. My feet wouldn’t move. I knew it was God who’d stopped me because, inside, I was still on my way to the bus station. But outside, I was stuck to the sidewalk.

I looked up and hollered, « Turn me loose! » But I couldn’t move.

Desperately, I prayed, « Please, let me go! I don’t have anything for those people. »

That’s when God spoke back to me. Every cell in me heard it. He said, « I KNOW you don’t have anything to give them. But I DO and that’s why I baptized you in My Spirit. »

My feet suddenly turned loose and I knew I had a choice. One was life and one was death. So I turned around and went back.

I was ready to run. But God stopped me. He knew HE was in me, and if I’d just stay and stir up what was in me, miracles would happen–and they did.

You have that same miracle-working God inside of you. And there are people all around you who need Him. So quit waiting to feel like you have the power to do it and get out there. Once you do, you’ll discover that the power you’ve been waiting on has been right there inside you all the time waiting on you!

Lecture conseillée: Exodus 3:1-14

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